Monday, January 12, 2015

A quiet day

It's hard for me to really sit and take a quiet day. Working from home, it's easy to work constantly. Between school, editing, and emails, I'm in my little office pretty regularly during the week. I got tired of looking at the bare Christmas tree my husband was hoping to find time to get out of the house for us. He works 12+ hours a day, so as I sat staring at it I decided to take it into my own hands. Kate and I scoured through the garage for various tools we could use and after using a random assortment, we got the majority of it cut up small enough to get a fire going in our backyard. City living, I tell ya!

When we have a fire going, Kate thinks camping is involved. So we "camped" and decidedly just had to cook up some hot dogs over the fire. We've never burned an evergreen before, but I see why having bonfires after Christmas is so popular! One of these days, we'll have the space to do that. Until then, we'll have quiet silly days together in comfy clothes and enjoy winter weather that feels like spring.


  1. Each image was so awesome. I felt each bit of emotion. I love to have those days where you step away from technology and just enjoy life the earth and your family.

    1. Thanks Tanya, I appreciate that! They really are the best kind of days :)