Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Finding Gratitude

It's been a challenging few weeks, one where I've spent much time reflecting and finding gratitude. Being grateful in the little things, falling in love over and again, smiling instead of frowning, laughing until your gut hurts, reading to your little ones, pillow talk, cuddling all night, watching movies in the dark, and finding peace and contentedness. These little things have the most meaning and leave me feeling renewed time and again.

So, I'm working on feeling grateful each and every day. After completing a 365 photo project [one photo each day for a year], I'm considering the 365 grateful project [one photo each day for a year of things you're grateful about]. Putting purpose behind the project, other than just to do it, seems like a mighty fine reason to take it on again. However, I'm still considering this as I go through this season and take time for the little things again. These photos are all things I'm grateful for, and I am so thankful to have them.

How do you take time to appreciate all that you have to be grateful for?


  1. I've had similar feelings towards being grateful lately. I use my blog a lot as a space to vent. Knowing that those close to me were reading it and hearing those thoughts irritated me for a number of reasons, but then I started to seek inward instead of blaming others. Maybe I should strive to post content that I wouldn't feel territorial over. Maybe I should use my blog less as a space to vent and more as a space to find the beauty in my life. When I look through my blog I see so much negativity and I'd like to think that I'm not that negative in real life. I'd like to think that I am grateful. I believe it wouldn't hurt to push myself to be more grateful and to take more time to find the happiness in my life. I think it would be good for my sanity, even though at time it could be challenging! Good luck Rikki, I love following along :)

    1. I agree, I had some people find my blog and I hadn't expected it, but then I realized I didn't want to worry about what they might read. I want them to be like, "oh wow, I didn't know that!" or "that's awesome." It's funny how difficult it can be to always remember the good and find gratitude in the little things AND share those things, but if you can make a habit out of it, it's the best feeling. A work in progress for me still - I know you can do it too.