Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Olympic Peninsula is the place to be

The Olympic Peninsula is my husband's favorite place on earth. The Hoh rainforest ranks as one of the top 10 quietest places on earth, and that's what first attracted me. Forks is a cute little town with some of the sweetest old people [the younger crowd is bitter because they can't find things to do]. Every other person you meet in town is a fisherman. Everyone has a drift boat or two. It rains nearly every day. And it is breathtakingly beautiful.

We visit this area a few times a year, and that will probably increase as Jeremy learns to fish the rivers in his boat more. I don't mind. 

We always manage to find the cutest cabins. Which, of course, ensue in dance parties :).

I am an avid blanket lover. I have them everywhere. I take them on every trip.

We eat out a time or two, but making our own hobo stew is our favorite. This lasted three meals for the four of us.

I made a horrible first cup of coffee in the morning - so the husband fixed it while we enjoyed the rain on the front porch. My kind of livin'.


Ruby Beach. Pouring rain. Family photo time.

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  1. These pictures are so lovely! What a great time!