Saturday, January 26, 2013

Redondo :: Day 238

I woke up to the sun-shining. I didn't want to go anywhere far, but all my favorite places are 1-3 hours away. So, I asked Jeremy, and he suggested Redondo. So that's where we went! Lunch at McD's, cupcakes, and the cold windy sunshine of Washington!

(Side note: Kate just saw the picture of us below and said, "Sister. Mama." She calls herself sister because of Alyx always calling her Sister instead of Kate. Hahaa!).


  1. Carl and I scuba dive there all the time, what a great place! Lovely pictures

    1. I actually thought of you guys when I noticed some divers, and wondered if you ever came here. I do like it here! We didn't see any seals this time, but maybe next :).

  2. its a great place to watch seals if they're out!