Monday, January 14, 2013

Poor Baby :: Day 226

Today was an experience I would've rather leaned on Jeremy for strength for. There are simply some things you'd rather not face on your own. Seeing your baby in pain and facing doctors, which she's terrified of, has officially topped the list! From an exam to x-rays and a sling wrap, I could've flown to Afghanistan and back with two kids before I would've taken that on by choice. After an unfortunate rough housing play time yesterday, this was the result. Thankfully the x-rays didn't show anything broken, but instead what Doctor Juj called, Nursemaid's Elbow. Some ibuprofen and keeping this wrap on for a few days should do the trick, as long as we didn't miss anything. I'm thankful for Alyx's ability to make Kate laugh in any given circumstance, and Kate's ability to not only be a strong little girl, but to shine through it all like it wasn't a thing!

One day closer...

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